About Me

My name is Ru. I am an author and blogger, and this website is the central location for my work. 

 I am an avid student and practitioner of various ancient philosophies and spiritual disciplines, including Hermetic, Yoga, Tao, Zen, and Hindu- and I share through my words how one may practically apply these teachings to enhance their quality of life. 

I am also a certified holistic nutritionist and share through my words to help others live more healthy and naturally- on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. 

Your being is your soul- the spark; that which emanates from within. Your becoming manifests this spark into a flame through bringing thoughts, words, actions, understanding, and wisdom into this world. This is the perfected rhythm: becoming through your being. 

Being to Become focuses on coming back to your soul, honoring the integrity of your being each moment you perform action to become through your spirit. 

I take it as my dharma to share this  word to help others continue to cultivate their liberation through self-knowledge.

"When ignorance is destroyed by knowledge of the self then, like the sun, knowledge illumines ultimate reality." 

The Bhagavad-Gita