About Me

I am an infinite being incarnated as a human called "Rubaab" or "Ru," for short. As Ru, I am an avid student and practitioner of various ancient philosophies and spiritual disciplines, including Hermetic, Yoga, Tao, Zen, and Hindu. Through the words I share here, I articulate how one may practically apply these teachings to better their quality of life through focus on concepts like mindfulness, disciplined action, unconditional love, and manifestation. 

THE ALL manifests through the masculine principle of being and the feminine principle of becoming

Emanation and Creation. 

Your being is your soul, the spark, that which emanates from within. Your becoming manifests this spark into a flame through bringing thoughts, words, actions, understanding, and wisdom into this world. This is the perfected rhythm: becoming through your being. 

Being to Become focuses on coming back to your soul, honoring the integrity of your being each moment you perform action to become. 

I take it as my dharma to share this ancient word to help others along their journeys continue to cultivate liberation through knowledge of the self. 

"When ignorance is destroyed by knowledge of the self then, like the sun, knowledge illumines ultimate reality." 

The Bhagavad-Gita