What is "Being to Become"?

Your BEING is your soul. Emanation. Stillness. The spark of divine light within. 

BECOMING is your spirit. Creation. Movement. Igniting your inner flame. 

BEING TO BECOME is harnessing your divine light in each moment- through each thought, word, and action. 

I share regular articles posted on my blog (be sure to subscribe to get them through email) and books centered around holistic healing, occult knowledge, metaphysics, spiritual discipline, and ancient wisdom. They are derived from the study of  various different ancient philosophies and spiritual disciplines such as those of yoga, buddha, tao, hindu, hermetic, qabbalah, etc. 

I also have some guided meditations incorporating a variety of meditation techniques from various spiritual studies. 

May these tools serve you along your path of self discovery. 

"When ignorance is destroyed by knowledge of the self then, like the sun, knowledge illumines ultimate reality." 

The Bhagavad-Gita